Sport and Sports Premium

PE Vision Statement


As part of a coastal county as well as one with a strong sporting heritage, the Southerly Point Multi Academy Trust engages all pupils in adventurous, cultural, creative and traditional sporting opportunities. Our PE curriculum covers 12 sporting disciplines each year and extends these pathways with extra curricula clubs, community links and competition pathways.


Our KS2 PE curriculum offers in excess of two hours of PE each week and KS1 complete two hours. Pupils engage in blocks of sailing, swimming, dance, gym, team and individual sports as well as offsite enrichment days and school camp. We focus on developing enjoyment and confidence through enabling pupils to recognise and celebrate their achievements and encourage their appetite for new challenges. We develop fundamental skills to transfer between sports and nurture valuable life skills in working successfully towards personal goals, group work and leadership responsibilities. A combination of these key beliefs, an enthusiastic staff team, a PE specialist and a county full of opportunity ensures Southerly Point offer sporting pathways for every pupil to take on into the future.

Pupils in Years 4, 5 and 6 take part in weekly sailing run by the "HRCST" (Helford River Children’s Sailing Trust), in the summer term and first half of the autumn term.  We are very fortunate that our children are able to take part in this fantastic learning opportunity.

Learning to swim is essential for our children, living near the coast and spending so much of their leisure time on the beach and in boats. Swimming for the whole school takes place in the summer term and first half of the autumn term. All pupils work for the STA Watermanship and Distance Awards. These awards give them a great sense of achievement and confidence. We swim at our local holiday park 'Sea Acres'.

Curriculum PE sessions are held twice a week with our PE Specialist and the class teachers.

As a result of Sports Premium funding children at Manaccan have had access to a wider range of after-school Sports Clubs throughout the year. These have been mainly, though not exclusively, organised by Mr Studd – our MAT PE teacher. We have also been able to extend our range of sporting resources – additional netball and football equipment, for instance – and Mr Studd has also supported members of the Manaccan staff team in developing their own PE teaching skills. 

Please see the links below for our current Sports Premium Statement and information from the previous year.

Sports Premium Grant

Sport Premium Grant 2017-18

Total amount received per school


£16,000 received plus £10 per pupil


 Total amount received by Manaccan School


KS2 Summer Camp at BF Adventure
In June 2017, KS2 children from across the Keskowethyans MAT spent an action packed couple of days at BF Adventure.  The children slept in tents and cabins and enjoyed lots of delicious meals, cooked by school staff.
They took part in a range of activities including kayaking, den building, bush craft, abseiling, orienteering, rock climbing and assault courses.
There were lots of team games which, once again, provided an opportunity for the children to spend time with their friends from other Keskowethyans schools - something they all look forward to when our five schools come together.