Partners in Learning

Partners in Learning assist the Board of Directors in delivering and monitoring the curriculum in our school and are invited to serve on any one of the Board's committees.  They meet as a group once a term with the Head and Assistant Head, with Jan Halliday as their co-ordinator.
Partners in Learning evolved from the Local Governing Bodies of the four schools in the Keskowethyans Multi Academy Trust.  On conversion to an Academy and becoming part of a Multi Academy Trust, the existing Local Governing Body ceased to have any legal status, which was a cause for concern for the dedicated Governors across the MAT.  The MAT Directors initiated a consultation with the local committees, which produced a fantastic outcome in that some people really wanted to continue to be engaged locally and in a more positive role.
To find out more about being a Partner in Learning and whether it might be right for you, or someone you might recommend, please contact Jan Halliday on or Wendy Sherlock on